ABC Photocolour is excited about the launch of our new service for the ABC ROES Software. It’s easy to set up and just as easy to learn. With the arrival of ABC ROES Software, it’s never been easier to adopt online ordering. Here’s why:

  • Ready to go right out of the box – download, install, and place order in 30 minutes or less.
  • Easy to use – access major functionality from one state-of-the-art interface that utilizes fewer pull-down menus.
  • Simplified ordering process – transmit to the lab by Internet upload or by burning on CD/DVD and mailing to the lab.
  • Reduced production time – no more carding of negatives or cropping your digital camera files for different resolutions.
  • Designed for film or digital cameras – the easy-to-use solution that allows you to handle prints electronically from film originals and digital files.
    Compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux systems – Windows 2000 and XP (Professional and Home), Mac OS X and Linux.

Features & benefits

Practical Operation

  • Flexible file management – the easy-to-use solution that handles files from digital cameras or digitized film.
  • Intuitive interface – offers major functionality from one screen and few pull down menus.
  • Easy editing – cropping is simple. Images can be partially rotated to compensate for camera tilt.
  • Direct to lab – your instructions are passed directly to lab and applied to image at printing, so original files are never changed during editing and ordering process.
Simple Ordering
  • WYSIWYG print ordering – easy to order proofs and/or finished prints, reducing errors and saving you time and money.
  • Packaged for transmission – all images and order instructions put in convenient package for transmission to labs by automated Internet upload or by burning a CD/DVD and mailing to lab.
  • Custom orders – special lab services can be specified for each print or the entire order, e.g. choose color, sepia tone, black and white, or other services offered by the lab.
  • Order summary – includes thumbnails of images, order quantity, and estimate of total lab price.
  • Stop and save – partial order can be saved and finished/transmitted later.
Client Online Proofing and Ordering
  • Online proofing – post your images online and your clients’ friends and families can view images and order prints.
  • Secure transactions – Offer your clients an improved, secure online experience that can stimulate orders.

For more information regarding the ABC ROES Software, contact the system administrator via phone at 604-736-7017 ext. 5000 or email to roes@abcphoto.com.