FTP Service

Uploading files to our ftp server

After you have finished with the file preparation of your images, you are ready to upload them to our FTP server for output.

The following is the host address and login information for our FTP server:

Host Address ftp.abcphoto.com
Port 21
User ID pro
Password shooter
Directory/Folder ./Upload

For those with computer in a Microsoft Windows environment with FTP support or other third-party FTP clients registered to handle FTP file transfer, here is a direct link including login information for your convenience. Simply click the link below and start uploading:


If you are new to FTP, FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and technically it is a set of rules, commands, and services used to transfter files between computers on the Internet. If your computer currently does not have any software that supports FTP file transfer, you will need to install an FTP client software before you can upload image files to our FTP server.