Light Boxes

Our custom light boxes are the product we’re most proud of to date. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing the light boxes we make in their final destination at the gallery. The industry leading printing matched with the highest quality lighting components produces an unparalleled finish to your images.

All the components we use are made right here in Canada, and are fully custom. No set sizes and no quality control issues. The key to successful light box fabrication is consistency in the light source and our components are tried and tested and we stand by them 100%

The “Rodney” Box

The rodney box is an adaptation of the traditional fluorescent tube light box but developed with point source LED’s for artist Rodney Graham ( hence the name). These light boxes are nothing short of stunning, available in all custom sizes and colours. This cabinet style light (approx 7″ deep) box allows for grand format images in a clean contemporary look.

Image courtesy of 303 Gallery

The Traditional Framed Light Box

This light box is an evolution from store bought snap frame LED panels. Abc Photo sources the finest edge lit LED panels that are made right here in Canada.

We then “traditionally” frame and matte the retained LED Panel with the transparency film. This traditional treatment of such a contemporary finish suits exhibition and personal applications.

For more information and enquires please contact one of our Imaging Consultants.